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see-clear-ity Clear Mattresses



Unlike other “Clear Mattresses” the combination of our reinforced glass clear correctional fabric and our exclusive polyester elastomer core creates a sense of openness that actually allows you to see into the mattress core, making it easier to detect contraband.

Like all of our mattress products, the see-clear-ity mattress has 100% sealed seams and our patented vent, creating a fluid-resistant mattress that is strong and tear resistant.



  • Contraband can be seen inside the mattress core
  • Mattress can be easily searched to reduce security risks
  • Strong, tear-resistant cover
  • 100% sealed seams
  • Zero thread seams to break or to hide contraband



  • Hexagonal Roller Tested to ensure maximum mattress core life
  • Easily cleaned and disinfected
  • Core protected from contamination such as bodily fluids, head lice, bed bugs


  • Breathable – in and out
  • Fluid resistant – blood, water, urine, etc.
  • Sealed into the mattress



  • Fire resistant – Meets and exceeds: Federal Mandates 16 CFR part 1632 and 16 CFR part 1633



  • Abrasion resistant
  • Envelope style construction


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