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Normative Cell

The Endurance Suite Furniture line is an all-in-one furniture line to fully furnish any Mental Health room. The Endurance Suite is ideal for use as Mental Health Furniture, Behavioral Health Furniture, Detention Furniture, and Correctional Facility Furniture.  The Suite can be bolted to the floor and walls via concealed pilot holes, and will also pass the Cal 133 Burn Test. The Suite carries a 10 year warranty, and can be manufactured in multiple colors. 


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The Normative Cell is the newest product in the CortechAUSTRALASIA family, and is a one stop shop for a fully furnished cell designed for the Restorative Justice Environment. The Cell is a collaboration between Cortech, Willoughby, CM Security, and Steel Cell. The Normative Cell is a combination of a Prefabricated Sleeping Room Unit, Endurance Furniture, Lavatory and Toilet, and Security Windows.

Normative Cell Features

Steel Cell

  • Prefabricated Sleeping Room Unit
  • Customized to Operational Designs
  • ASTM F2322 Tested


  • Endurance Bed
  • Endurance All Plastic Desk
  • Endurance 4 Shelf Unit
  • Razorback Chair
  • Cobra Mini Can
  • Ventura Mirror
  • Derby Blue mattres



  • Ligature-resistant stainless steel lavatory with solid surface desk
  • Powder coated stainless steel HET toilet with folding seat

CM Security

  • Security Windows

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Black FR, Blue Grey FR, Brown FR, Green FR, Sand FR, Slate Blue FR