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Endurance Bed Riser

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The Endurance Bed Riser is designed to be combined with the Endurance Bed 2.0. The increased bed height allows for easier patient care, easier patient entry and exit, as well as allowing for the use of mechanical lift devices. The Riser will bolt to the 2.0 Bed though pre-existing mounting holes to form one stable piece. The Riser can also be weighed down with sand via the concealed sand ports, or bolted directly to the floor. The Riser is a one piece, rotationally molded design for increased strength and durability; and also passes the Cal 133 Flammability Test. The Endurance Series is capable of fully furnishing bedrooms for intense use facilities. The Endurance Bed Riser is ideal for use as Behavioral Health Furniture, Correctional Facility Furniture, Detention Furniture, and Mental Health Furniture. The Endurance Furniture Series is also a perfect fit for Residential Institutions, Public Safety Facilities, and any other intense or high abuse application.

The Endurance Bed Riser Features

  • Designed for use with Endurance Bed 2.0
  • A 10 Year Warranty
  • Bolts into Endurance Bed 2.0 through existing mounting holes
  • Can be easily weighed down with sand on site
  • Can be used in free standing or bolt down scenario
  • Durable, one piece, rotationally molded design for increased strength. Constructed of high impact “no break” polyethylene
  • Can be bolted to the floor via concealed pilot holes with hardware of your choice
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards in the USA
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flame Retardant (passes Cal 133)
    Test reports available upon request

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Black FR, Blue Grey FR, Brown FR, Green FR, Sand FR, Slate Blue FR