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Barracuda Box

The Toughest Correctional SpecificSM Inmate Property Storage Box. Ideal for continuous, intensive use in extreme environments!



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The Barracuda Box is the toughest property storage box available. The Box has a one piece injection molded design to add strength and durability. The boxes can both stack or nest inside one another. The Barracuda Box has the ability to be locked for added privacy or safety concerns. Each Box is also individually numbered for effective inmate ID and property control. The boxes come in three sizes, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 cu. ft. The Barracuda Box is designed for Correctional Facilities, Behavioral and Mental Health Facilities, Schools and Universities, Residential Institutions, Public Safety Facilities and any intense use application.

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Barracuda Box Features

  • “Stack and Nest” Design – The “Stack” feature allows the user to stack property boxes with or without a lid without crushing the contents of the Barracuda Box. The “Nest” feature allows the user to nest empty property boxes inside one another by simply turning the empty box 180 degrees. The nest feature saves cost on freight and saves valuable space in facilities.
  • Each Barracuda Box is individually numbered for effective inmate ID and property control.
  • Durable, one piece, injection molded design for increased strength.
  • Box capacity 1.5 (Regular) 2.0 (Large) and the 3.0 cu. ft. (Largest).
  • Radius design (rounded edges and corners) for maximum impact dispersion and resistance.
  • Vertical radiused structural columns for maximum strength and impact resistance.
  • Constructed with high impact “no break” polypropylene.
  • Flame Retardant.
  • Locking hasp on both sides of the box allow the lid to be installed in either direction and still be matched with a locking hole.
  • Stacks with most other commercially available boxes with the lid on,
    and many boxes with the lid off.
  • The Barracuda Box and Lid are available in custom colors. Call Cortech Australasia for details.
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards.
  • The Barracuda Box and Lid carry a 10 year warranty

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Barracuda Box

Barracuda Box – Large, Barracuda Box – Standard, Barracuda Box – Universal Lid, Barracuda Box 3.0