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Cobra Can

THE TOUGHEST, MOST INNOVATIVE, CORRECTIONAL SPECIFICsm TRASH RECEPTACLES! The Cobra Can is virtually UNBREAKABLE and is the toughest, most innovative trash receptacle. Ideal for continuous, intensive use in extreme environments!



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The Cobra Can is a virtually unbreakable trash can that can be used in any environment. The Cans are available in both Food Grade, and Flame Retardant materials. The Flame Retardant cans pass the Cal 133 flammability tests, and are available in numerous colors. The cans have 360 degrees of handles on both the top and bottom, for easy maneuverability and lifting. The Cobra Cans are ideal for use in Correctional Facilities, Mental and Behavioral Health facilities, Schools & Universities, Parks & Recreation, and any other intense use environment.

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Black, Blue, Dolly, Green, Grey – Flame Retardant, Red, White, Yellow